Vase. paper mache This is vase "Quiet"


Тыква-шкатулка на Хэллоуин в технике папье-маше

Hi everybody!

This is box for candy))) It is paper mache.

тыква на Хэллоуин в технике папье-маше Hi everybody

This is my Pumpkin

Papier mache and colours mozaic


See you next time!


декоративный горшочек своими руками в технике папье-машеDecorative pot it is my art in the papier-mache

ваза в технике папье-маше, Рябина Vase "Rowan". It is present for my friends.

It is papier-mache/

ваза в технике папье-маше, листва Vase "foliage", I made this vase at 2008 year.

It is papier-mache.