Helen Mazurok   

  Hi everybody!

My name is Helen Mazurok.

I am artist.

I am from Ukraine. Now I live at Vancouver.

Helen Mazurok 

I have a big family))) 

I just learn english. But I would like show you my art works.

Thank you for visiting at my website allenyshka.net and see you!


This is my art pages

папье-маше You can read about paper mache here. )))
текстильные куклы и игрушкиIf you interesting about dools, look here .)))

My social networks

facebook.com/Allenyshka.net vk.com/allenyshka_net instagram.com/allenyshka_net allenyshka.tumblr.com youtube.com/channel/UCK_uPEAG0dQuHtwUNSGwWNA plus.google.com/u/0/107480631561226456413/posts

Englesh version under construction.